I made 'Amen Ra - Carpe diem' at the moment of indecision that precedes an important decision. In my art I explore the dichotomies of life. The moment things appear or disappear before us, the fragile point of generation or degeneration.

To quote Kafka: 'to catch a glimpse of things as they may have been before they show themselves to me.'

By accepting this manifestation, I was able to transform the original message announcing a turn of fate into a free choice. It was in the action and reaction that I let myself go and relied on the forces that dictate inspiration. To cease the night and pluck the day.
Its meaning is created as the work takes shape. There is much creativity to be discovered in the act of performing, in the natural flux of a streamlined movement.

Amen Ra - Carpe diem Amen Ra - Carpe diem


I don't want to change reality, but I do want to achieve a modus vivendi with it. It is not the function of imagination to transform reality, but to make it more real. Imagination gives our life a little more reality.
The subject of my art is an open-minded approach. The source of inspiration lies in the 'glueing' of spontaneous, free associations. This means that order, hierarchy, moral or aesthetic principles do not play a role.
When reflecting on my work, it became the determining factor. As an artist I am concerned with what the images mean to me. The visual conversation is between myself and the image.
Without any hesitation I mix different media and techniques on different surfaces. The image unfolds intuitively, the creativity lies in the unexpected.
I have a preference for experimentation, for wandering in the space of the plane and the freedom that this causes in thinking. In this way I create an independent universe, searching for a personal mythology.


I grew up with the surname MariPol. My name is the phonetic representation of my official French name, as spoken in the dialect of the Meetjesland.
My childhood was filled with exploring nature, drawing and reading. Two Lecturama art books that I had received as as a gift had a great influence. Pieter Breugel the Elder and Rembrandt van Rijn are both painters and graphic artists. Nature has always played an important role in my life. From an early age I have spent countless hours in the countryside.

Born 1967, Eeklo, Belgium.
Lives and works in Sint-Laureins, Belgium.

* Higro Campus - Artevelde University College
Bachelor in graphic and digital media - 1987_1991.
* Art Academy Eeklo
Artistic atelier painting - Nico De Guchtenaere 1991_1993.

Stencil Art: Nobody ever said growing up is easy


Sint-Laureins, Expo De Meet, 2012
Sint-Laureins - De Meet
2012: Cultural site 'De Meet'
Kaprijke - Galerie Stadhuis, 2013
Kaprijke - Galerie Stadhuis
2013: Gran' Slam
Waterlandkerkje - Kunst uit ‘t Kerkje, 2015
NL - Waterlandkerkje
2015: Kunst uit ‘t Kerkje

* 2015: University Ghent - Tipping Point
23 November to 4 December 2015 - Artistic route in response to the climate summit
* 2015: WaterlandKerkje [NL] – Kunst uit 't Kerkje
29 August to 5 September 2015 - solo
* 2014: University Ghent - Botanic Garden
8 & 9 May - group exhibition 'Modelstudies
* 2013: University Ghent - Peristilium: Expo Aula
9 to 17 November 2013 - group exhibition UGent-UZ Gent employees
* 2013: Kaprijke - Galerie Stadhuis - Gran' Slam
3 to 18 August 2013 - solo
* 2013: University Ghent, Technicum Blok 2
Friday 17 May 2013 - group exhibition Modelstudies
* 2012: Watervliet - Dorpshuis
1 November to 18 December 2012 - solo
* 2012: Watervliet - Expo: Vitrine Molenstraat - in collaboration with KVLV
22 April to 29 April 2012 - group exhibition local artists
* 2012: Bentille - De Meet: Culturele site
17 February to 26 February 2012 - group exhibition local artists
* 2008: Ghent University - Peristilium: Expo Aula - group exhibition UGent-UZ Gent employees
* 2003: Ghent University - Peristilium: Expo Aula - group exhibition UGent-UZ Gent employees

Universiteit Gent, 2015 Tipping Point

University Ghent
2015: Tipping Point